2018 Singles Ladder

Mr. Lou Cohen (loucnb@gmail.com, 949-466-7999) has agreed to run the LBLBC Singles Ladder for 2018. 

Play begins after Daylight Savings Time (DST) begins as soon as we get 20 players signed up and finishes when DST ends on November 17. The fee is $20 per person. The proceeds will go towards cash prizes for the top finishers. Lou will be supplying the Ladder Rules shortly and we'll be displaying them here on this page. Deadline for signing up is April 8.

Taking Sign Ups Now

By paying your $20 via PayPal below, you'll be added to the competitor list shortly thereafter. The standings order will initially be determined by blind draw of those who paid on March 11. Entries made after March 11 will be placed at the bottom of the ladder.


A challenge ladder provides a friendly and competitive environment which allows players the opportunity to improve their play by challenging other bowlers participating in the ladder. As members of the ladder play each other, their relative positions are adjusted up or down to reflect the results of their play. Whether you play only occasionally, "just for fun", or prefer to compete several times a week, by joining the ladder, players are provided with continuous competition and challenge opportunities.


Every week, or as often as you choose, you can come to the club and look at the ladder. The chairman will have a copy of the ladder posted on the club's website weekly. The ladder and the website will show the current ranking.


  1. The fee for joining the ladder is $20. That total amount collected shall be used for prize money divided among the winners of a playoff. At the end of the ladder the top 4 ranked players will play a single elimination playoff. (1 vs 4; 2 vs 3; winners play for 1st / 2nd & losers play for 3rd / 4th) The ladder will end on Nov 4th with the last matches on Nov 3rd. Prize money will be distributed: 1st 40%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%, 4th 10%.

  2. Play begins shortly after daylight saving time begins. (or when we have enough bowlers signed up).

  3. The beginning ranking of the singles players on the ladder will be done by a blind draw.

  4. A player may challenge any other player ranked no more than 5 above (if 30 or more players have entered) or no more than 3 above (if 20 to 30 players have entered). For example, a player ranked number 10 may challenge players ranked 9, 8, 7, 6 or 5.

  5. If a player is challenged by a bowler and he/she has already made a challenge or has already been challenged, he/she must play the challenger the next week unless the challenger is out of the 5-place range. Members are not required to play more than one challenge per week. Players are not required to play a challenger who they have defeated in their previous match.

  6. Players ranked 1 through 4 may challenge players ranked below them. Players must play a minimum of 10 matches to qualify for the final ranking and/or to qualify for the playoff.

  7. A ladder match is not valid if the players are not within the legal challenge range when the match is played. The legal challenge range is five (5).

  8. A player may issue or accept more than one challenge per week if he/she chooses.

  9. Both players shall agree on the day and time they will play a challenge.

  10. If a player is ill, injured, on vacation, or unavailable as determined at the sole discretion of the ladder chairman, he/she will be placed on inactive status. That player will not be required to accept challenges during their inactive status. Lower ranked players may jump over the inactive player by winning matches ahead of the inactive player. This will cause the inactive player to drop to a lower rank.

  11. All challenge matches must be played at Laguna Beach LBC.

  • Play begins by a flip of a coin with winner choosing the starting order of play. Two bowl trials.
  • After each end the winner rakes the bowls, sets the matt, and rolls the jack. Loser sets the jack.
  • If players can't agree on a point, another club member may measure, or they may call the end a tie 0 pts.
  • Dead ends are re-spotted at the two-meter mark.
  • 18 points wins the match. 
  • Both players adjust the rankings on the ladder board if challenger wins. If Challenger wins he/she takes the place of the challenged player and each player below the challenger is moved down one place up to the place that was vacated by the challenger.
  • In the case of a dispute the ruling of the ladder chairman is final.