Tournament Schedule

1. Sun Feb 23 - Men’s & Women’s Singles- 3 games to a score of 15

2. Sun Mar 29 - Vet/Novice Triples, Blind Draw - 3 10 end games  (Cancelled)

3. Sun Apr 26 - Four Bowl Mixed Pairs, Blind draw - 3 10 end games (Cancelled)

4. Sat May 23 - Reinie Kramer Australian Pairs, Blind draw - 3 10 end games (Cancelled)

5. Sat Jun 06 - Mixed Triples, 3 bowls, blind draw - 3 10 end games

6. Sun Jul 19 - Pick your partner pairs, 4 bowls - 3 10 end games

7. Sat Sep 19 - Novice Singles, 3 games to a score of 18

8. Sat Oct 31 - Mixed Pairs, Four bowls, Blind draw - 3 10 end games 

9. Sat Nov 07 - Vet / Novice 4 bowl pairs, Blind draw - 3 10 end games  


LBLBC Tournaments are organized for LBLBC members to compete with one another at the club level. Except for Novice Singles, Participants are awarded points towards the coveted "Bowler of the Year" honor. You automatically get 40 points for each tournament you bowl in and more if you place. In addition to points, you get cash if you place.

Points Distribution

· 1st place - 100 points

· 2nd place - 80 points

· 3rd place - 60 points

· Everyone else - 40 points


Tournaments are held on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 9:00am.

2020 Bowler of the Year Point Standings

3 LBLBC Club Tournaments Cancelled


Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

Because the club is closed until further notice, the following LBLBC Club Tournaments have been cancelled:

  1. LBLBC Vet / Novice Triples, Mar 29. Note: All who have paid online via PayPal will receive an online refund.
  2. Four Bowl Mixed Pairs, Apr 26.
  3. Reinie Kramer Australian Pairs, May 23.

Stay tuned for information on these and subsequent club tournaments while we wait for this virus to die out. 

For information on the coronavirus in Laguna Beach, please click here: Coronavirus - City of Laguna Beach

2.23.20 Men's & Women's Club Singles

For the first tournament of the year. 24 men, 16 women. Everybody played three 15 point games. As there were more men bowlers than rinks available, games had to be staggered.

All winners won all 3 of their games. The place order was determined based upon the most plus points out of a maximum of 7 per game. 

1st Place - Women

Bowling commenced at 8:50 am and the awards presentations finished at 4:00pm.  Certificates were awarded to the winners.

1st Place - Women

1st Place - Women

1st Place - Women


Joanne Hedgespeth

2nd Place - Women

1st Place - Women

2nd Place - Women

Ginny Watford

3rd Place - Women

1st Place - Women

2nd Place - Women

Trish Soto

1st Place - Men

1st Place - Men

1st Place - Men


Bill Buchanan

2nd Place - Men

1st Place - Men

1st Place - Men

Abe Pinnella

3rd Place - Men

1st Place - Men

3rd Place - Men

Clay Nolde

2019 Bowler Of The Year - Abe Pinnella


The ninth and final LBLBC tournament of the season, the LBLBC Mixed Triples (Blind Draw) decided who the Bowler of the year was. Coming into the tournament, Abe Pinnella and Tom Richeson were tied with Christian de Taillac 20 points behind and Kole Carr 60 points behind. 

3 teams ended up with 3 wins and no losses. Abe's team was the team with the most plus points. 

Abe did all of this despite missing the next to the last tournament because he was at Nationals in San Francisco competing for the Men's Pairs prize. 

I would say an all around stellar year for Abe.