Tournament Schedule

1. Sun Feb 23 - Men’s & Women’s Singles- 3 games to a score of 18

2. Sun Mar 29 - Vet/Novice Triples, Blind Draw - 3 10 end games 

3. Sun Apr 26 - Four Bowl Mixed Pairs, Blind draw - 3 10 end games

4. Sat May 23 - Reinie Kramer Australian Pairs, Blind draw - 3 10 end games

5. Sat Jun 06 - Mixed Triples, 3 bowls, blind draw - 3 10 end games

6. Sun Jul 19 - Pick your partner pairs, 4 bowls - 3 10 end games

7. Sat Sep 19 - Novice Singles, 3 games to a score of 18

8. Sat Oct 31 - Mixed Pairs, Four bowls, Blind draw - 3 10 end games 

9. Sat Nov 07 - Vet / Novice 4 bowl pairs, Blind draw - 3 10 end games  


LBLBC Tournaments are organized for LBLBC members to compete with one another at the club level. Except for Novice Singles, Participants are awarded points towards the coveted "Bowler of the Year" honor. You automatically get 40 points for each tournament you bowl in and more if you place. In addition to points, you get cash if you place.

Points Distribution

· 1st place - 100 points

· 2nd place - 80 points

· 3rd place - 60 points

· Everyone else - 40 points


Tournaments are held on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 9:00am.

Men's & Women's Singles

Sunday Feb 23, 9:00 AM Announcements at 8:45 AM


We are ready to kick off the 2020 Laguna Beach Club Tournament season with the highly competitive Men’s and Woman’s Singles tournament.

Conditions of Play:

This will be a blind draw event. There will be three games. The first player to reach 18 points wins the game. Scoring will be 2 points for a win and 0 points for a loss. (There can be no ties.)

The winner will be determined by the total number of points won and the total number of plus points accumulated. Please note that no player may go to the head until after the second bowl is rolled. No jacks will be rolled after the next to last game has finished.


  • Deadline for entry is Thursday, February 20th at 9 PM
  • $5.00 entry fee
  • 2 Ways To Enter:
    • Pay online using PayPal below, or
    • Use the signup sheet on the locker room door and write "LBLBC Singles" and your name on a Green Fees envelope, seal $5.00 in the envelope, and stick it into the mail slot at the club.

There will be no hospitality, so please bring a lunch and your own water. Please wear whites or white bottoms with club shirts. Earn points towards "Bowler of the Year" honors.

To avoid byes, we will cut back the entries to an even number of teams (number of people entered must be evenly divisible by 2. Those signing up last will be placed on the waiting list for the day of the tournament in case of no shows. Those left out will receive a refund.

*New bowlers there will be a scoring clinic at 8:30 AM to review the game of singles and how to use the score card.

2020 Bowler of the Year Point Standings