Club Rules & Policies

Alcohol: The City of Laguna Beach ordinance prohibits the consumption of alcohol beverages except with a meal in Heisler Park. Open alcohol containers (glassware or cans) are prohibited within the fenced in area of the club. This includes the greens and the area surrounding the greens.

Children: Children under the age of 12 must be supervised at all times by one or more adults and will not be allowed unaccompanied on the greens or in the clubhouse.

Club Bowls: Bowls are provided to members and guests. When finished, return club bowls to the proper size shelf and in the proper bowls carrier (see photograph on carrier). They are not to be removed from the premises without prior permission.

Club House Rules: The Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Clubhouse, grounds and facilities are private for the exclusive use of its members. Members are allowed to bring guests for the express purpose of introducing them to the game of lawn bowls. Gathering for socializing is for members only. We continue to honor reciprocal use to members of other lawn bowling clubs.

Dress Code: White and or white and blue attire (club colors) is required on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and all club tournaments.

Footwear: Footwear MUST be "smooth i.e. flat, rubber soled and heelless" in order to preserve our most valuable asset in the enjoyment of lawn bowls, our greens. 

Green Fees: Currently green fees are set at a minimum of $1 per day for each bowler. The guest fee for a nonmember is $3 per guest. All fees are payable in the club house prior to commencement of bowling. Envelopes are provided for you to write your name and deposit in the office mail slot. For convenience, an annual green fees pass can be purchased at the club.

Greens Upkeep: In addition to wearing appropriate footwear, do not drop lawn bowls on the greens. When not in a game, walk on surrounding sidewalks versus cutting across the greens. Be careful when raking bowls.

Greens Use Board: Positioned under the office window, the greens use board advises which green is to be used and in which direction to bowl on the rinks. This is IMPORTANT in order to minimize wear patterns on the greens by overuse. 

Guest Policy: A guest is a person invited to LBLBC by a club member to introduce them to the game of lawn bowling. Regardless of the number of members in a group in attendance, the total number of guests is restricted to six (6) maximum on any given day/time. Otherwise the group is defined as a Private Event, which requires board approval and adherence to our defined club's Private Event Policy. Members are reminded that they may bring the same guest or spouse up to three (3) times per calendar year. To continue playing after that courtesy period, the guest should apply to become a dues-paying member in order to continue to enjoy LBLBC Bowling.

Key: Having a key makes the member responsible for the club and its contents. A member's key opens:

  • The front gate (hang the padlock on the hook inside gate around the corner under the eave by the staghorn fern),
  • The sliding clubhouse gate,
  • The clubhouse (members are responsible for monitoring non-member public entry to use rest rooms, etc.),
  • The locker room and restrooms,
  • The patio link chain lock,
  • The BBQ,
  • The rakes/jacks/mats shack (put the rakes in BACKWARDS so they don't slip).

Kitchen & Patio Area: As a courtesy, please clean up after yourself for the next member's enjoyment. If the trash cans have trash in them, empty them.

Name Badges: While at the club, ALL members must wear their name badge for others to greet and identify them.

No Smoking: Smoking is prohibited within the fenced area of the Club. This includes but is not limited to E-cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

Practice: When you practice you are still subject to green fees. Practice is not allowed when tournaments are in progress, unless a full green is open and available.

Private Events: Use of Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club facilities for private events by a group of 7 or more people must be submitted at least one month in advance to the board of directors for approval and to ascertain compliance with our City of Laguna Beach Agreement. Approval will be subject to a usage fee.  For more information, please consult our Private Events page. 

Refrigerator Honor System: When paying for beverages that are supplied by the club, place payment into the honor cup in the refrigerator. Members please monitor any abuse of this club convenience