A big thank you goes to Mr. Fred Robles for coordinating and Linda Roberts for assisting Fred in coordinating the Coast League for our Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club. It takes a lot of time and motivation to do this and our club appreciates it!

A word from Fred to all the Coast League LBLBC particpants. You are all eligible to play in this year's round up at Long Beach on Sept 7. Stay tuned.

We did our best this year and we (& the board) appreciate your time and energy. Next year the league will be hosted by the Groves.

2018 Coast League Dates

  1. Mar 2 - Laguna Beach
  2. Mar 16 - Santa Ana
  3. Apr 6 - Newport (Groves)
  4. May 4 - Laguna Woods
  5. May 18 - Newport
  6. Jun 8 - Laguna Woods (Casta del Sol)
  7. Jun 29 - Long Beach
  8. Jul 6 - Laguna Beach
  9. Aug 3 - Long Beach
  10. Aug 17 - Santa Ana
  11. Aug 24 - Laguna Beach (makeup)
  12. Sep   7 - Long Beach (Round Up)

League Specifics

  • 12 teams (72 bowlers) will be competing in the 2018 Coast League.
  • The cost is $3 per person (down  from $5 last year).    
  • Each club will have 1 team with either 2 triples teams or 4 triples teams.
  • The scores from all triples teams will be counted in the team score.
  • Number of wins will be divided by the number of games played to determine winning percentage score.
  • Standings each week will list teams in order of winning percentages.
  • Rosters are not required and clubs may interchange players as they see fit.
  • The win-loss ratio of the LBLBC #1 team and #2 teams will  be averaged out, for a united score for LBLBC.  So, for instance, if the #2 team  wins 80% of their games, and the #1 team wins 60% of their games, our LBLBC win  ratio will be 70%. 
  • The club with the highest % of wins will advance to Waterbury.


NO HOSPITALITY!!  This means there will be no goodies provided by  the club unless they voluntarily decide to do so.  So, be prepared to bring your own breakfast, snack, and lunch.  There will be no chips or salads provided. All that will be provided is water and coffee.  (Please figure out a way to identify YOUR  bottle of water from the others...maybe bring a rubber band or ribbon to place around it-?)