• How do I sign up for club events?
    There are sign up sheets on the doors of the club and PayPal entry forms on the website.
  • Can I come down and bowl anytime?
    Yes during daylight hours, unless there is a tournament or private event. We encourage you to practice.
  • What is check in time?
    Typically 30 minutes before the start of any club event so the Game Director for that event has time to set up the game.
  • How are lead, vice, and skip determined for tournament and club events?
    The Game Director for that day will determine who plays which position on which rink. Sometime it's a blind draw (which means you simply are randomly put on a rink) but the Game Director will still determine who the lead, vice, and skip will be.
  • What if I want refreshments from the fridge?
    LBLBC uses an honor system and you pay for what you consume. Prices are listed on the blue can in the fridge where your payment is to be made.
  • How do I sign up for Weekly Summer Club Social Bowls and Pot Luck? And what should I bring?
    There is no need to sign up. Simply arrive ready to play and bring something to share with all the players, an hors d'oeuvres, a salad, a protein, a side, or a dessert.
  • What is a novice?
    You are considered a novice for 2 years after you join. There are several open and LBLBC novice-only tournaments and vet/novice tournaments.
  • How do I buy lawn bowling clothing items?
    We have club dolphin shirts for sale in the clubhouse. If you would like to have different shirts with the LBLBC logo (white for example), you can purchase a club patch for $5.00, and sew it on the shirt of your choice. For tournaments at our club you are required to wear a club or white shirt. Outside tournaments have other requirements but in most cases you and your team should “match”. We also have visors, hats, tee shirts, and measurers, etc.
  • How do I begin my introductory lessons?
    There is an opportunity for introductory lessons every Saturday and Sunday morning at 9:30am. Heather hosts a "Lessons With Heather" session for new bowlers on the Sunday. To participate, shoot the club an Email at lblawnbowlingclub@gmail.com, request a lesson, and we will assure someone is there to teach.

  • How do I know what is goiing on at LBLBC?
    There are a number of calendars on the website. The Social Calendar, the  Competition Calendar, the Training Calendar, and the Special Events Calendar. All events (including events in these calendars) are present in the Master Calendar on the Club Calendar page.
  • What is Wonderfull Wednesday?
    LBLBC organizes a Wednesday bowl where members are invited to participate. Open to the more competitive player. It starts at 09:00am.
  • Are we allowed to have beer bottles/cans on the greens?
    Please remember that the City of Laguna Beach city ordinance does NOT allow any alcoholic beverage containers on the greens. Water bottles and plastic cups are allowed.
  • Where do I get the chalk and buy my own measuring tapes?
    They're stocked at the club. Come on by and buy them.
  • I would really like to become a competitive player. How do I find out about tournament play?
    Check the LBLBC Competition Calendar as it lists the upcoming tournaments. Pay attention to the periodic LBLBC eBlasts. They always call out the upcoming SW Division tournaments. Visit http://www.swlawnbowls.org
  • Why are private and corporate events on the calendar?
    Private and corporate events support our financial presence as a nonprofit organization. Bowling and the use of our greens is a city required component of all private events. Events must be scheduled one month in advance for the convenient notification to our members. Many member volunteers help with these events. Let us know if you are interested. For more information, please consult our Private Events page.
  • Do we have a dress code?
    You are asked to wear club shirts and white bottoms on Saturdays, Sundays, and for Tournaments.
  • Can I bring a non member guest bowling?
    Yes you may bring the same guest up to 3 times a year to introduce them to lawn bowling. Regardless of the number of members in a group the total number of guests is restricted to 6 per day. There is a guest fee of $3 per guest. Otherwise it becomes a Private Event and will be billed to you as such.