2018 LBLBC Mixed Triples

Tournament Field Determined (see below)

The 2018 LBLBC Mixed Triples Tourney held will be held on Sunday June 10th starting at 9:00am. 

Mixed Triples means there are 3 players to a team, each team must be composed of at least one man and one woman, and each participant bowls 3 bowls per end. Teams and competitors will be determined by random draw.

We will be playing 3 timed 12-end games; 2 before lunch and 1 after. Each game must be played within one hour and 30 minutes. When time is up (the cowbell is clanged), each game must finish the end in progress. 

Timed games assure that everyone will start the next game on time, all will eat lunch together, and most should be present for the awards presentation.

Eventual winners will be determined by the best win, loss, tie record, then by +points (max 10), then by fewest competitor points.

Entry Information:

  • Open only to LBLBC members
  • $5.00 entry fee through PayPal or Write "LBLBC Mixed Triples", your name, and preferred role (lead, vice, skip) on a Green Fees envelope, seal $5.00 in the envelope, and stick it into the mail slot at the club.
  • When payment is received, your name will be placed in the list (below).
  • Deadline for entry is Thursday, June 7th.
  • To avoid byes, we will cut back the entries to an even number of teams (number of people entered must be evenly divisible by 6). Those signing up last will be placed on the waiting list for the day of the tournament in case of no shows. Those left out will receive a refund. 

Sunday, June 10th, 

  • 08:30am: Arrive and sign in.
  • 08:40am: Blind draw for teams, opponents, and rinks.
  • 09:00am: 1st game begins (with trial bowls)
  • 10:30am: Cowbell clangs, finish the end you're on & bring scorecard to clubhouse.
  • 10:45am: 2nd game begins.
  • 12:15pm: Cowbell, finish your end, scorecard to clubhouse. Lunch.
  • 01:00pm: 3rd game begins.
  • 02:30pm: Final cowbell, tally up games and plus points. Awards presentation, photos, speeches, beer, etc.

Be sure to bring your own lunch and cooler! Wear whites or whites with club shirts. All participants are awarded points towards "Bowler of the Year" honors..

Tournament Field