2018 LBLBC Singles Ladder

The 2018 Singles Ladder is now in its playoff phase and these matches must all be played by Nov 30. The matches are as follows:

1st Round

#1 Abe vs #8 Randy

#2 Tom vs #7 Joel

#3 Ed vs #6 Jill

#4 Lou vs #5 Greg

2nd Round:

#1 Abe vs #4 Lou

#2 Tom vs #3 Ed

Now why, you ask, aren't the top 8 in the playoffs? Well, it's a combination of moving into the Holiday Season, work commitments, scheduled surgeries, and who knows what else. It is what it is. As soon as all matches are completed, we can schedule the semi-final and final matches.

Play began Saturday, March 31st and finishes Saturday, December 1st. The fee of $20 per person will go towards cash prizes for the top finishers.

The standings were initially determined by blind draw of those who had paid by March 27th. The order you see now is the result of multiple matches played by the competitors to this point.