2018 LBLBC Club Tournaments

2018 Bowler Of The Year - Kole Carr

From right to left, Kole, Tom, Ed, and Bruce.

2018 LBLBC Club Tournaments

LBLBC Tournaments were organized for LBLBC members to compete with one another at the club level. Participants were awarded points towards the coveted "Bowler of the Year" honor. You automatically got 40 points for each tournament you bowled in and more if you placed. In addition, you were awarded a cash prize if you placed.

We had 74 different members participate this year and Kole finished at the top. Check it out below. Not bad! Thank you for coming out!

Points Distribution

  • 1st place - 100 points
  • 2nd place - 80 points
  • 3rd place - 60 points
  • Everyone else - 40 points

Tournaments were held on Sundays starting at 9:00am.

This Year's Tournaments

  • Feb 25: Men's & Women's Singles
  • Apr 08:  Mixed Pairs (Blind Draw)
  • May 06: Novice Singles (no points)
  • Jun 10: Mixed Triples (Blind Draw)
  • Jul 08: Pairs (Pick Your Partner)
  • Aug 19: Two-Bowl Triples (Blind Draw)
  • Sep 09: Australian Pairs (Blind Draw)
  • Oct 14: Vet / Novice 3-Bowl (Pick Your Partner)

Congratulations to Kole Carr for being the 2018 Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club Bowler of the Year!

From right to left above:

  • Kole Carr, 2018
  • Tom Richeson, 2017
  • Ed Chatlin, 2016
  • Bruce Wheeler, 2015

Final 2018 Bowler of the Year Standings

10.14.18 LBLBC Vet / Novice 3-Bowl Pairs

Great Turnout And 1st Time Tourney Bowlers Placed!

28 people making up 14 pairs teams participated in the 2018 LBLBC Vet / Novice 3-Bowls (Pick Your Partner) Tournament held on Sunday, October 14th from 8:30 to 2:00 with a $10/team buy-in. There were no end limits in this one. They were timed 1 hour and 15 minute games. When the cowbell sounded, that was your last end.

We're all indebted to Nancy Neal for filling in for a novice who didn't show up. Otherwise, one person wouldn't be able to play and one team would have a bye each game. Thank you Nancy! Disaster averted.

Congratulations to the following winners!

1st Place: Fred Robles, Chris Dodd (Won 3, 27 +points)

2nd Place: Christian de Taillac, Tracy Manzi (Won 3, 22 +points)

3rd Place: Norma Goodhart, Anja Graefing (Won 3, 21 +points)

4th Place: Tom Richeson, John Cushing (Won 2, Lost 1, 11 +points)

9.9.18 LBLBC Australian Pairs

Tourney Completed in Record Time!

24 people making up 12 pairs teams participated in the 2018 LBLBC Australian Pairs tourney held on Sunday, September 9th from 8:30 to 12:40 with a $5/person buy-in. In keeping with Australian Pairs rules, each game was timed to 1 hour, with 10 minute breaks in between. We ended up playing between 6 and 8 ends per game.

The format proceeded as follows:

  • Leads played two of their bowls each.
  • All players changed ends.
  • Skips played all four of their bowls each.
  • All players changed ends.
  • Leads each played their remaining two bowls.
  • The next end began with the skips and so on.

Congratulations to the following winners!

1st Place ($60.00): Chris Dodd, Sandy Graham (Won 3, 18+points)

2nd Place ($30.00): Randy Hatfield, Alan Burkholder (Won 2, Lost 1, 8+points, 14 opp points)

3rd Place ($20.00): Fred Robles, Ginger Hatfield (Won 2, Lost 1, 8+points, 16 opp points)

4th Place ($10.00): Pat Gallis, Stephanie Smith  (Won 2, Lost 1, 7+points)

8.19.18 LBLBC 2-Bowl Triples

This One Flew By!

24 people making up 8 Triples teams participated in the 2018 LBLBC 2-Bowl Triples tourney held on Sunday, August 19th from 8:30 to 1:30 with a $5/person buy-in.

Because there were only 2 bowls bowled by each person and there were only 10 ends, this tournament flew by! Each match took on the average 1:10 to play. Consequently, there was no need to time the games. Everybody loved it, so we'll do this one again!

Congratulations to the following winners!


  • 1st Place ($75.00): Clay Nolde, Kole Carr, Cheri Spalo (Won 3, 16+points)
  • 2nd Place ($30.00): Christian De Taillac, Richard Thomas, Denise French (Won 2, Lost 1, 1+point)
  • 3rd Place ($15.00): Chris Dodd, Gilbert Collins, Fred Robles (Won 2, Lost 1, 0+points) 

7.8.18 LBLBC Pick Your Partner Pairs

It Was A Warm One!

28 people making up 14 Pairs teams participated in the 2018 LBLBC Pick Your Partner Pairs tourney held on Sunday, July 8th from 8:30 to 2:45 with a $5/person buy-in.

The games in this tourney were timed to be played in 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Playing 12 ends in an hour and a half for a pairs game is a bit of a stretch. Some managed it, but most played 10 or less ends. 

Nevertheless, we managed to start and end on time for all of the games.

And The Winners Were

  • 1st Place ($80.00): Dave Breedon, Curt Bartsch (Won 3, 17+points)
  • 2nd Place ($40.00): Christian De Taillac, Ed Chatlin (Won 3, 13+points)
  • 3rd Place ($20.00): Joanne Hedgespeth, Mary Thompson (Won 3, 3+points) 

6.10.18 LBLBC Mixed Triples

Started And Ended On Time!

30 people making up 10 teams participated in the 2018 LBLBC Mixed Triples tourney to be held on Sunday, June 10th from 8:30 to 2:30 with a $5/person buy-in.

The games in this tourney were timed to be played in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Most teams managed to get 10-ends in, which is pretty good for triples. Every game started and ended at the same time. Everybody ate lunch together, and everyone was in the clubhouse when the prizes were awarded.

Congratulations To The Following Winners!

  •  1st Place ($75.00): Ed Chatlin, Kole Carr, Sandy Graham (Won 3)
  • 2nd Place ($45.00): Abe Pinnella, Joel Levin, Roni Witherbee (Won 2, Lost 1, 9+points)
  • 3rd Place ($30.00): Tom Richeson, John Freestone, Stephanie Smith (Won 2, Lost 1, 8+points) 
  • 4th Place ($15.00): Christian de Taillac, Chris Quinn, Jim Lyons (Won 2, Lost 1, 7+points) 

5.6.18 LBLBC Novice Singles

This was one of our most well attended Novice Singles in recent memory. We had 18 participants and a full support team of markers. Each game was the first to 15 points or whoever was ahead when the time limit of 1 hr 30 minutes expired.

We hope you had a great time and learned a bit about the game of bowls. And a big THANK YOU to everybody who showed up to mark and help run the tournament!

Congratulations to the following winners!

1st Place:   Gilbert Collins (Won 3, 30 +points)

2nd Place: Ginny Watford (Won 3, 29 +points)

3rd Place: Greg Mech (Won 3, 24 +points)

4.8.18 Mixed Pairs


Well, this tourney started out as a Men's & Women's Pairs competition. But when we were missing a couple of people, rather than exclude those who showed up, we made it into a Mixed Pairs competition. And although four 10-end games turned out to be a bit long, it was FABULOUS!

Congratulations to the following winners!

  • 1st Place:   Pat Chan - Skip, Kole Carr - Lead (Won 4)
  • 2nd Place: Tom Richeson - skip, Greg Mech - Lead (Won 3, Tied 1)
  • 3rd Place: Abe Pinnella - Skip, Ray Jenkins - Lead (Won 3, Lost 1, 17 +points)
  • 4th Place: Fred Robles - Skip, Chris Quinn - Lead (Won 3, Lost 1, 14 +points)



We had a great event at the club for the 1st 2018 club tournament. Super to see 21 men and 8 women fighting it out to be the gender specific singles winner. Three games, first to 15 points. Winners were determined by number of games won and no-max plus points. 

Congratulations to Kim Heiser and Christian de Taillac for placing 1st.



1st place - Kim Heiser

2th place - Stephanie Smith

3th place - Shelley Cohen


1st place - Christian de Taillac

2nd place - Randy Hatfield

3rd place - Abe Pinnella

4th place - Tom Richeson