2018 LBLBC Two-Bowl Triples

Now Accepting Entries

The 2018 LBLBC Two-Bowl Triples tourney is scheduled to be held Sunday, August 12th starting at 8:30am. This is a club triples tournament where, 2 bowls are bowled per person, your team is composed of 3 randomly selected teammates (per role) and you play randomly selected teams. 

As you can see, it's all random, so you new members, novices, whatever, cough up the 5 bucks and experience an LBLBC tournament!

You'll have exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes to play each game. You will never have to wait on anyone to start playing. Everyone will start and end their games at the same time, have lunch at the same time, and leave at the same time.


  • 3 x 10 end timed triples games (1:30 per game)
  • Blind Draw for teams, opponents, and rinks
  • $5.00 entry fee per person
  • The number of people entered must be divisible by 6 to prevent byes. First come first served.
  • Be sure to bring your own lunch and cooler! The club will supply water.
  • All participants are awarded points towards "Bowler of the Year" honors.
  • Deadline for entry Thursday, August 9th. 

Sunday, August 19th, 8:30am

  • 08:30am: Sign in
  • 08:50am: Trial bowls
  • 09:00am: 1st game begins
  • 10:30am: 1st game ends
  • 10:45am: 2nd game begins
  • 12:15am: 2nd game ends, Lunch
  • 01:00pm: 3rd game begins
  • 02:30pm: 3rd game ends
  • 02:45pm: Awards, Go Home

How Do I Enter?

You can enter in one of 3 ways:

  1. Fill out the information below and pay via PayPal.

  2. Fill out an envelope at the club, put "LBLBC Two-Bowl Triples" on the top, your name, the roles you're willing to play (lead, vice, skip), and $5.00 in cash or check.

  3. Put your name on the sign-up sheet posted on the clubhouse door and pay when you show up.