Winter League 2018 - 2019 Begins Dec 1


The Southwest Division Bowls Winter League begins Saturday, December 1, 2018. Laguna Beach will be sponsoring Gold and Silver teams. 

  • Gold teams are for those who have been on winning Winter League teams in the past or are tournament bowlers.
  • Silver teams are for those members new to tournament play or who are less experienced bowlers. 

This year we tentatively have 3 Gold Teams, 1 Silver Team and a total of 7 substitutes. 

* Note: These teams may still be altered due to scheduling issues. 

Gold 1

Scott Roberts (c)

Gary Barnes

Tom Richeson

Chris Dodd

Michael Iannotti

Heather Stewart - A

Gold 2

Lou Cohen (c)

Abe Pinnella

Fred Robles

Christian de Taillac

Bob Leach - A

Shelly Cohen - A

Gold 3

Randy Hatfield (c)

Greg Mech

Sheila Conti

Curt Bartsch

Pat Gallis

Linda Roberts - A

Bruce Wheeler - A

Silver 1

Alan Burkholder (c)

Wendy Dilda

Dil Dilda

Kole Carr

John Freestone - A

John Monahan - A

Tracy Manzi - A


Games are played on Saturdays. The matches start Dec 1 and are played weekly on Saturdays until Feb 1. Because of the tight time frame of the league, games should only be rescheduled because of rain. They cannot be rescheduled because of player unavailability. Teams would need to ensure that they have sufficient back up players able to fill in as necessary. If clubs would prefer to play the match during the week or on Sunday it is alright if both clubs can agree to a change. Playing on Saturday is not mandatory except for the playoffs.

Generally, 6-7 players are needed to support a 4-person team (illness or injury, vacations etc.). There must be at least 4 people signed up on each team’s roster. Only players on the roster can be skips or participate in singles matches.

Substitutes cannot be skips or play singles. Silver team members can also substitute for a club’s Gold team. Substitutes can be made between the morning and afternoon games. 

Match Format

The format for the games is pairs in the morning session and triples and singles in the afternoon session. Typically the 4 bowlers are the same for morning and afternoon sessions, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The bottom line is that a team must provide 4 bowlers per session.