Congratulations to Tom Richeson!

Tom earned enough points early in the year to become our 2017 Bowler of the Year!

Fantastic achievement!

2017 Club Pairs Tournament

1st Place


Robert & Stephanie



Abe & Tom



Martin & Christian


1st Place





2nd Place





3rd Place





2017 SW Women's Novice Singles


Congratulations, Mary!

Our own Mary Spease placed first in the Women's Novice Singles in Long Beach. Congratulations Mary, we are honored to have such great player at our club.



Wow! Wow! Wow!

Such enthusiasm, help, and energy from so many of our super members made
Open House a Huge Success

I want to thank each and everyone.Coaches: Heather Stewart, Reinie Kramer, Kim Heiser, Scott and Linda Roberts, Fred Robles, Michael Ianotti, Abe Pinnella, Jim Howard, Art Jenkins, Joe Regan, and Bob Leach.

In the Office: Dennis Lockwood, and G.

Greeting and Registration: Eileen Hoffman, Greg Mech, Helen MichelHospitality: Madeleine MacLendon, Colleen Jenkins, Dorothy Pinnella, Cheri  Engens, and Monica Thompson.

Tours and General Traffic Control: Dil Dilda, Ginny Watford, Randy hatfield, Linda Winslow, Max Holiday, Alex Wekerle, Jill Edens, Martin Edens, Christian DeTaillac, Bruce Wheeler, Ronnie and Jim Witherbee, Raymond Benardout
New member Applications: Rich Thomas, Monica
Preparation and Signage: Pat Gallis
And a great success selling shirts thanks to Eileen and Monica.

Ok, so you all a spot above but the best was everyone just helped where it was needed. LBLBC put their best foot forward thanks to you all, and showed the "outside world" what a terrific sport we play at a warm and friendly place.
Thank you                           Thank you                         Thank you
( if anyone is not included on the list please let us know because we appreciate you too!)

Greens Improvements


Greens Committee at Work

The committee has worked diligently the last 4 years improving the soil quality under the green surface by using the Dry Ject aeration process. The soil samples sent to Ohio confirmed that we have “turned around” the health of our sub-surface grass at the root level.

The full day project started with delivery of 220 bags of Silica Sand. Our Greenskeeper started the process of Verti-Cutting the existing Bermuda Turf to open it up prior to spreading and dragging the sand that was brought in to fill in any low spots. This was followed by spreading 15 bags of Profile Greens Grade soil amendment. The South Green will be done next in late May after the North Green Bermuda grass has filled in and been mowed.

See the gallery for more photos.

2017 South West Open



Congratulations to our club members and their teams for outstanding bowling at Santa Anita Lawn Bowling Club.


Women's Fours

Kim Heiser 1st/Champion Flight

Norma Goodhart 2nd/Champion Flight

Debbie Gaal 3rd/Champion Flight

Linda Roberts 2nd/2nd Flight

Men's Fours

Joe Regan 1st/Champion Flight

Phil Dunn 4th/Champion Flight

Scott Roberts 1st/2nd Flight


Women's Pairs

Mary Spease 4th/Champion Flight

Kim Heiser 2nd/2nd Flight

Heather Stewart 1st/3rd Flight

Men's Pairs

Joe Regan 1st/4th Flight

Gary Barnes 1st/6th Flight

Larry Dunn 2nd/6th Flight


Women's Singles

Kim Heiser 1st/3rd Flight

Men's Singles

Phil Dunn 1st/2nd Flight


SWWD Vet-Novice Triples

Lots of Ladies bowling the greens at beautiful Casta del Sol. We're proud to say, 4th place went to Linda Jahraus, Wendy Dilda, and Laura Fremont's team, with 5th place going to Jan Hargraves, Linda Roberts, and Jill Edens' team. Laura and Jill Novices-in-Training with some amazing and special ladies. Way to go girls!

Photo is of all the novices playing that day.


LBLB Club Singles


Sunday was a FUN DAY!

After a few dozen doughnuts, the draw was chosen and we all headed to the rinks. By mid-morning, we bowled the fog away. By noon sun, scores were adding up. By end day, the envelopes were sealed and ready to be given to the winners.

1st place - Tom Richeson

2nd place - Bob Leach

3rd place - Gil Gillespie

4th place - Ed Chatlin

5th place - Randy Hatfield

6th place Mike Ianotti

Thank you to Reine and Kim for creating an enjoyable tournament. Congratulations to everyone for a well played afternoon!


Southwest Division MUMMA Mixed Pairs


Saturday Mixing-it-Up at Riverside

Linda Roberts & Scott Roberts

1st Place on the A-green. Congratulations!

Christian De Taillac and Linda Jahraus

2nd Place on the B-green. Great going!

2016 LBLBC Bowler of the Year


LBLBC Player of the Year 2016- Ed Chatlin. Ed earned the most points in intra club events held this past year. Congratulations Ed!

2017 US Team Tiger Bowls


LBLBC Member Patrick Chan has been named to the US Team competing in the Tiger Bowls 2017 Competition in Asia. We are cheering for you Patrick!

2016 Nationals


Scott Roberts placed first in Men's Singles, 2016 Nationals, in Arizona. Congratulations Scott! LBLBC is proud of you.

Team USA


LBLBC  had a strong presence on the Team USA. Club members Scott Roberts, Kim Heiser, Phil Dunn, and Charlie Herbert  all represented us so well at the New Zealand World Bowls in December 2016. The Men tied for 5th place overall! We are so proud of you and for having such strong bowlers with us at LBLBC. Thank you. 

US Open Sarasota


Linda Roberts was one of only 7 SWD women playing in the 2016 US Open held in Florida (Nov 2016). Linda came in 2nd flight runner-up in Pairs. Way to go, Linda! (Photographed with her husband Scott Roberts)

Lawn Bowls USA


Heather Stewart, Member of Lawn Bowling Hall of Fame, is immediate past president of Bowls USA. She and her husband Jerry discovered tournament at Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club in 1991 and decided that this would be a game that they could both enjoy.

In the years since joining, Heather has had the opportunity to give back to the sport her time, at her club and both at the Division and National level. She's had the privilege of bowling for Team USA, and competing overseas in numerous events.

Laguna Beach remains Heather’s home club and we're thrilled to have her!