Our Club


Our Club, established in 1931, is the largest in the USA. LBLBC is situated in Heisler Park over looking the Pacific. 


We bowl with soft ocean breezes and the occasional whale watching opportunity.


Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club members, young, old, novice, or veteran enjoy both social and tournament bowls. We provide ongoing complimentary lessons in basics, strategy, etiquette and team games. We are proud to have 100% Bowls USA membership.

The Game Of Lawn Bowls

The game of Lawn Bowls is played on a green that is 120 feet square. There are eight rinks to a green. The boundaries for each rink are the two orange markers on either side of the number.

The object is to score points by rolling your bowls closer to the target ball (the jack) than your opponent. Bowls is scored by "ends" (similar to baseball's innings). The player or team with the most points after all ends of a match are played is declared the winner.


The basic equipment is a matched set of four "bowls" and each set has a design on both sides that is different from other the sets of bowls. They come in sizes from 00 to 7 and weigh between 3-4 pounds. Traditionally bowls have been black but many players now use colored bowls. Players wear flat soled shoes to avoid damaging the greens.

Teams can be made up of 1, 2, 3 or 4 players. Matches with one player per team are Singles matches and each player rolls 4 bowls each.  Two person teams are Pairs and also roll 4 bowls each, three persons (Triples) roll 3 bowls each and four persons (Rinks) roll 2 bowls each.  

Team positions are LEAD, VICE and SKIP for three person teams. The Skip, also known as the Director, determines the strategy. Bowlers take turns rolling the bowls by the position of the team member.

There are thirty lawn bowling clubs in Southern California, from south in San Diego to north in Cambria. Bowling greens and lawn bowling have been a part of our extended community since the early twentieth century.  Check out our club's history here.

Bowling Activities

Social Bowls

Throughout the year, our members have 4 opportunities each week to join one another in a relaxed social atmosphere for a single 12-end game. These outings are called Social Bowls. These fun gatherings are open to all members without pre-registration. New members are especially welcomed and encouraged to come and learn from the seasoned bowlers. The Social Bowl schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday 9:45-12:15
  • Saturday 9:45-12:15
  • Sunday 12:45- 3:00
  • Thursday 5:15-7:15 Sunset Pot Luck Bowls (as daylight allows)

Always check the Social Calendar to make sure the outing you're interested in hasn't been cancelled due to a special event.

Tournament Level/League Prep Bowls


  • On an ad hoc basis with Team USA Member, Kim Heiser and rotating instructors.

For members who want to transition to serious League and Tournament play. Challenging weekly practice drills and game, to improve concentration and accuracy. Learn strategy and the rules of League and Tournament play.


  • On-going social/tourney play
  • Fridays 9:45-12:00

Each week is a different style game of Survivor, Cutthroat, Australian Pairs, 2-Jack, and more! You're only welcome to join if you have a taste for fun with a competitive edge!



High level competitive bowlers come together for serious bowling. Many players come from other clubs. Both Monday and Wednesday groups consist of national and international bowlers, challenging the weekly play. Both Monday and Wednesday groups are by special invitation only.

Ways To Enjoy the Club


Introductory lessons are complimentary and mandatory for membership.

Two class levels are offered to further your bowling expertise: Level-Novice (your first 2-years of membership), and Level 2-Veteran (the more seasoned player). Visit our calendar for dates and times.

Sign up sheets for all classes are at the front office.

Holiday and Theme Bowling

Good Bowls equals Good Eats! After bowls, get together with other members during the holidays or for Theme Bowls:  Persian Night, Italian Night, Cowboy Night, BBQ, and more!


Use the greens to better your game. Join friends to work on drills and play.


It's Easy to Join!

Membership is open to all interested bowlers, Laguna residents or not. If you have been walking by in Heisler Park, or walking along Cliff Drive and have taken a peek at the greens wondering whether it's fun or not, wondering if you should give it a try, then contact the Club for a free introductory lesson.

Lawn bowling is popular in many countries all over the world and has recently shown amazing growth in the USA. In 2016, World Bowls launched the formal process of seeking International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognition for our sport! So join us and see what other national and international active people do for fun!


Email us info@lagunabeachlawnbowlingclub.com to schedule a free lesson and orientation.   Please note that flat soft soled shoes with minimum treads or sandals without a protruding heel are the only footwear allowed on the greens. Bare feet are ok too. Our greens are our most prized and delicate possession and we treat them very gently.


Open House is held every May, (next one is May 12, 2018). This event is held on the same day all over the country at Lawn Bowling Clubs to encourage people to give Lawn Bowling a try. The Open House takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Renewing Members:

Annual Dues $195 / January 1 to December 31 

New Members:

Initiation Fee $50 / One time only (covers name tag and key deposit)

Annual Dues $195  / January 1 to December 31 (prorated monthly until August)

Corporate Events

Bowling For Fun and Team Building!

Our facility is available throughout the year for corporate functions. Enjoy team building and friendly challenge with Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club for up to 60 guests. During events, greens are closed to regular members. Club volunteers work these events to teach and ensure a pleasant experience. We appreciate your choosing LBLBC.


Email us info@lagunabeachlawnbowlingclub.com for information about our Corporate Event Policy.