LBLBC in May Tournaments


5.18.19 SWLBA Mixed Pairs - Laguna Woods

  • LBLBC members Ron Cetta and Mary Thompson took 1st Place on the A Green in the SWLBA Mixed Pairs tournament held on May 18, 2019 at the Laguna Woods Lawn Bowling Club.


  • LBLBC Member Abe Pinnella teamed up with Flor Wright to take 3rd Place on the A Green.

  • Other LBLBC competitors included: Fred Robles, Joanne Hedgespeth, Christian de Taillac, Tracy Manzi, Scott Roberts, Linda Roberts, Phil Dunn, Gary Barnes, Sheila Conti, Norma Goodhart, Lou Cohen, Shelley Cohen, Randy Hatfield, and Valerie Blackholly.


5.19.19 SWLBA Men's Novice Singles - Corona del Mar


  • LBLBC member Chris Dodd took 1st Place in the SWLBA Men's Novice Singles tournament held at Newport Harbor Lawn Bowling Club on May 19th, 2019.

  • Also competing from LBLBC Bobby Milas and Alan Burkholder


5.5.19 Newport Classic - Corona del Mar

  • LBLBC was in the money again at the Newport Classic tournament held at Newport Harbor Lawn Bowling Club on May 5th, 2019.

  • LBLBC members Abe Pinnella and Joanne Hedgespeth teamed with Barry Hayes to finish in 4th Place.

  • Other LBLBC competitors included: Norma Goodhart, Christian De Taillac, Gary Barnes, Greg Mech, Sheila Conti, Dave Breedon, Denise French, Chris Dodd, Randy Hatfield, and Tracy Manzi.

5.4.19 Katy Stone Singles - Long Beach

  • LBLBC member Mary Thompson took 4th place in the Katy Stone Singles tournament held at Long Beach Lawn Bowling Club on May 4th, 2019.

  • Also competing for LBLBC were Joanne Hedgespeth, Norma Goodhart, Heather Stewart, and Tracy Manzi.


5.11.19 LBLBC Open House

Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club's annual Open House was held on Saturday May 11 from 10:00am to past 2:30pm. We opened the club up to the general public for them to try out the game of bowls and a good number of them came.

We also had a healthy contingent of members supporting the effort ranging from greeters, signer uppers, coaches, volunteer hospitality, setter uppers and tearer downers, and just plain hanger outers. Thanks to everybody for showing up and helping. The event was a success!

We signed up 40 new members and there are probably more who will sign up in May and June because the dues are prorated and initiation fees waived.

LBLBC in April Tournaments

4.14.19 Amador Martinez Triples - Oxnard

LBLBC had a couple of members in the money at the Amador Martinez Triples tournament held at Oxnard Lawn Bowling Club on April 14, 2019.

  • LBLBC member Phil Dunn teamed up with James Flower and Noreen Wilkie to take 3rd place.
  • LBLBC member Linda Roberts teamed up with Luke Wilson and Marquita Otineru to take 4th Place.
  • Scott Roberts competed as well (Scott's mom and dad are members at the club.)

4.6.19 Southwest Women's Open - Santa Anita

A good number of ladies placed and competed in the  Southwest Women's Open held at Santa Anita Lawn Bowling Club from April 6 - 11.


  • Joanne  Hedgepeth took 1st Place in the 2nd Flight. 


  • Joanne and Mary Thompson placed 1st place in the 2nd Flight. 


  • Joanne Hedgespeth, Mary Thompson, Denise French, and Mary Spease teamed up to take 2nd place in the Championship Flight.
  • Linda Roberts and Norma Goodhart joined Jan Hargraves and Alexis Vanden Bos to take 1st place in the 3rd Flight.
  • Other LBLBC participants included: Tracy Manzi,  Sheila Conti, Shelley Cohen,  and Heather Stewart.

4.6.19 Southwest Men's Open - Santa Anita

Quite a few  LBLBC members placed in the Southwest Men's Open  held at Santa Anita Lawn Bowling Club from April 6 - 11. 


  • Tom Richeson took 4th Place in the Championship Flight.
  • Scott Roberts took 1st Place and Chris Dodd 2nd Place in the 2nd Flight, 
  • Phil Dunn captured 1st Place in the 4th Flight.
  • Other LBLBC competitors included: Christian de Taillac, Fred Robles, Greg Mech,  Rob Goldman, Randy Hatfield, and Abe Pinnella.


  • Scott Roberts teamed with Neil Furman to take 4th Place in the Championship Flight.
  • Abe Pinnella and Fred Robles took 2nd Place in the 3rd Flight.
  • Phil Dunn teamed with Jurgen Fessler to take 1st Place in the 5th Flight. Ron Cetta and Rick Gregory took 2nd Place.
  • Other LBLBC competitors included: Christian de Taillac, Lou Cohen,  Gary Barnes,  Rob Goldman, Randy Hatfield, Cole Karr, and Alan Burkholder.


  • Scott Roberts teamed with James Flower, Corey Vose, and Barry Hayes to take 2nd Place in the Championship Flight.
  • Lou Cohen teamed with Steve Alessi, Richard Reid, and Gregg Gattuso to take 1st Place in the 2nd Flight.
  • Other LBLBC competitors included: Christian de Taillac, Abe Pinnella,  and Phil Dunn .

LBLBC in March Tournaments


3.30.19 SoCal Triples - San Diego

  • Scott Roberts joined Neil Furman and Bill Brault to take 2nd Place in the SoCal Triples Tournament held at San Diego Lawn Bowling Club on March 30 and 31.

  • Other LBLBC participants included: Lou Cohen, Jim Lyons, Randy Hatfield, Abe Pinnella, Christian de Taillac, Fred Robles, Ted Farfaglia, Phil Dunn, Chris Dodd, Tom Richeson, and Ron Cetta.


3.23.19 Vet / Novice Triples - Oaks North

  • The triples team of LBLBC members Joanne Hedgespeth, Mary Thompson, and Tracy Manzi took away the 1st Place prize in the  SWWD Veteran-Novice Triples tournament held at Oaks North Lawn Bowling Club in San Diego on Sat Mar 23. Congratulations Champions!
  • Other LBLBC participants included Linda Roberts and Norma Goodhart.


3.16.19 Murray-Allison Singles - Santa Anita

  • LBLBC members Scott Roberts and Tom Richeson took away some cash in the Murray-Allison Singles tournament held at Santa Anita Lawn Bowling Club in Arcadia on Sat & Sun, Mar 16 - 17. Scott finished in 4th Place in the Murray flight and Tom took 1st Place in the Challenge Flight.
  • Other LBLBC competitors included Phil Dunn, Lou Cohen, Kole Carr, Chris Dodd, Randy Hatfield; Fred Robles, Christian de Taillac, and Alan Burkholder


3.16.19 Heidi Rittner Australian Pairs - Santa Ana

  • Our president Heather Stewart teamed with Anne Nunez to win the 1st Annual Heidi Rittner Australian Pairs tournament held at Santa Ana Lawn Bowling Club on Sat, Mar 16!

  • Other LBLBC participants included: Joanned Hedgespeth, Mary Thompson, and Norma Goodhart.  


3.9.19 Carnival - Long Beach

  • The best that anyone from the LBLBC could do in Carnival  (held in Long Beach on Sat, Mar 9) was a 12th Place finish by Randy Hatfield with 2 wins and 1 tie.

  • However, this is more of a "fun" tournament where everybody plays with someone new each game. Each individual tallies up the points their teams get and that's how you place. If you haven't played open tournaments before, this is a good one to cut your teeth on!

  • Other LBLBC participants included: Scott Roberts, Jim Lyons, Shelley Cohen, Lou Cohen, Norma Goodhart, Gary Barnes, Sheila Conti, and Ginger Hatfield. 

LBLBC in February Tournaments

Scott and Linda Roberts

2.23.19 Mumma Mixed Pairs

  • LBLBC members Linda and Scott Roberts won the A Green of the Mumma Mixed Pairs tournament held Saturday, February 23 at the Riverside Lawn Bowling Club.
  • LBLBC members Lou Cohen and Shelley Cohen took 3rd Place on the B Green.
  • Other LBLBC competitors included: Joanne Hedgespeth, Abe Pinnella, and Mary Thompson.