LBLBC Greens Committee Reports

-------- May 2020 --------


The Greens

We have really tried to bring our greens back to health. Unfortunately our greens are old and weary.  We also have tested positive for nematodes which inhibits and destroys root structure.  

The board has approved the resodding of both greens.

We will install a sod that has greater durability and wear tolerance, is tight and smooth for the bowls, can be mowed low which will improve speed, and is shade and salt tolerant.

We will also use this opportunity to laser level the greens and replace the plinths (on the south green). We will have level greens!

The work will begin on the south green next week and will take about 5 weeks until it is playable.  We will do the north green shortly thereafter.  There is no better time for us to complete the project since we are limited by the virus and the fact that all tournaments are cancelled for the rest of the year.

This is a huge upgrade for our club - once complete we will have some of the best greens anywhere and they will deliver a wonderful bowling experience for years to come. 


The Rabbits

Remember last year when we were having green quality issues on the north green partly due to rabbits? Well, it looks like our solution was a good one. Encircle the greens with a rabbit fence. That seems to have done the trick. Well done board!

-------- April 2020 --------


To LBLBC Membership:

The work performed this past week, commencing on Monday with core aeration down to 5”, is essential to the maintenance and rejuvenation of our greens.  The process included removing the plugs followed by sand topdressing to fill up the aeration holes. This intensive aeration work and clean up was completed on Tuesday.


On Wednesday, the greens were then aerified using DryJect technology, which utilizes pressurized water to inject more sand to a depth of 4". The DryJect compliments the work done earlier in the week with the core aerification. 


The aerification and sand work this week were followed by applications of gypsum and soil amendments to improve the soil chemistry and structure of the greens. After the applications of fertilizers, special micro emitter sprinklers are utilized to leach the salts out of the rootzone, which in turn will help the vigor of the bermuda grass turf.

Our goal is to have the greens playable by the end of April when hopefully the self-distancing requirement as mandated by the governing authorities, is lifted.

Paul Cushing, our new greenskeeper along with Will Reardon from DryJect, combined their knowledge in directing this long-needed work. Club members are reminded that disruption of our greenskeeper and or other contracted persons is not encouraged. Our greens need their full undivided attention. 

Your greens committee, on behalf of our club is so appreciative of their expertise and time.

Heather Stewart (chair)

Greg Mech

David Breedon

Curt Bartsch


Club & Greens Closed Until Further Notice

To Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling members

Following recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and other governing authorities, Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling club will be closed for all activities until March 31st. At that time we will review the situation.

The health, safety and physical well-being of our community of lawn bowlers is of great importance and current conditions deem this action necessary.

Take care, keep well and follow the guidelines given by the CDC.

Greg Mech on behalf of Board and Greens Committee 

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No Open House For 2020

For the first time in recent memory, the Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club will not be hosting an Open House to attract new members in 2020. 


Well this year and in 2021, the club will once again be hosting the US Open in October. To prepare for the Open, we must refurbish both greens as the club seeks to provide the highest quality natural greens for the competitors as is possible. We plan to accomplish this feat in a staggered fashion such that when work begins, there will ALWAYS be one green open for the membership to bowl on.

Last year our membership was the largest in the United States at 378 members. As of the end of February 2020, we have a membership of 244. Typically at our Open House, we sign up close to 80 people.  This year, we need to limit our membership so that everyone will be able to bowl.  One way to do that is to cancel the Open House.  And that's what the board has decided to do.