2018 LBLBC Tournaments

LBLBC Tournaments are organized for LBLBC members to compete with one another at the club level. Participants are awarded points towards the coveted "Bowler of the Year" honor. You automatically get 40 points for each tournament you bowl in. In addition, you get a cash prize if you place.

Points Distribution

  • 1st place - 100 points
  • 2nd place - 80 points
  • 3rd place - 60 points
  • Everyone else - 40 points

Tournaments are held on Sundays starting at 9:00am. Arrive at 8:30am to pay. 

Tournament Dates

  • Feb 25: Men's & Women's Singles
  • Apr 08:  Men's & Women's Pairs
  • May 06:  Novice Singles
  • Jun 10:  Mixed Triples
  • Jul  08:  Pick Your Partner
  • Aug 19:  Mixed Pairs
  • Aug 26:  Vet / Novice
  • Sep 30:  Australian Pairs 

Novice Singles - May 6th

Sunday, May 6th

9:00am - 3:00pm

Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club, 455 Cliff Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA 

  • Three 15-end games
  • Blind draw. 
  • Arrive @ 8:30am, bowling starts at 9:00am
  • Entry Deadline: TBD
  • $5 to be paid at the door.
  • Sign up at the club to send an Email to  lblawnbowlingclub@gmail.com (click this).


Most everybody is still learning skills, rules, and etiquette. In fact, that's really the point. What better way to learn than to bowl against bowlers close to your skill level and under the watchful eyes of vet markers (some with no end to their advice).

This is a fun novice introduction to tournament play.

Here's your chance at getting your feet wet with regards to tournament bowling right here at LBLBC. And, vets can't play, so these are free points!

Just the novices from our club will compete against one another for bragging rights, your name on a plaque dating back to who knows when, a mention in our LBLBC eBlast, and a little cash to boot.

Points go towards the yearly Bowler of the Year prize (and free green fees for the next year). 

The Particulars

Arrive at 8:30am (or earlier to practice), bring your own lunch, and pay your 5 bucks. The organizers will fill out scorecards with opponent team numbers and rink numbers for each of your 3 matches. They'll call you up by name to blindly pick a card and you walk to your first rink and meet your 1st opponent.

The first one to reach 15 pts is the winner (you'll bowl as many ends it takes) for the match. Each person keeps the match score on their own scorecard. At the end of the match, you compare the cards, make sure they're the same, sign your opponent's scorecard, and turn them in at the office for the organizer to update the standings sheet. When you get your cards back, it's off to match #2.

After the match around noonish, it's lunch time (and group commiseration) in the clubhouse or on the patio (adult beverage time if you're so inclined) followed by the final match #3.

The more participants, the more places awarded (usually 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places).

2018 Bowler of the Year Standings



We had a great event at the club for the 1st 2018 club tournament. Super to see 21 men and 8 women fighting it out to be the gender specific singles winner. Three games, first to 15 points. Winners were determined by number of games won and no-max plus points. 

Congratulations to Kim Heiser and Christian de Taillac for placing 1st.