2018 LBLBC Tournaments

LBLBC Tournaments are organized for LBLBC members to compete with one another at the club level. Participants are awarded points towards the coveted "Bowler of the Year" honor. You automatically get 40 points for each tournament you bowl in. In addition, you get a cash prize if you place.

Points Distribution

  • 1st place - 100 points
  • 2nd place - 80 points
  • 3rd place - 60 points
  • Everyone else - 40 points

Tournaments are held on Sundays starting at 9:00am. Arrive at 8:30am to pay. 

Sun, Feb 25th

Men & Women's Singles

3  15-end games. Blind draw. Arrive @ 8:30. Bowling starts at 9:00am. $5  to be paid at the door. Sign up at the club or  send Reinie an Email @ reiniekramer@icloud.com

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club, 455 Cliff Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA

No upcoming events.



Taking Sign Ups Now

As Winter League concludes, we look forward to another Coast League! The Laguna Beach Coast League coordinator for 2018 is Mr. Fred  Robles!  Linda Roberts will assist in the  background.

A sign up sheet will be posted at the club. If you are interested in playing, you can sign up there or simply enter your information below and you will be placed on the list. 

Deadline for signing up is February 27th.

Sign Up Now!

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2018 Coast League Dates

  1. March 2 - Laguna Beach
  2. March 16 - Santa Ana
  3. April 6 -Long Beach
  4. May 4 - Laguna Woods
  5. May 18 - Newport
  6. June 8 - Casta at Laguna Woods
  7. June 29 - The Groves at Newport
  8. July 6 - Laguna Beach
  9. August 3 - Long Beach
  10. August 17 - Santa Ana
  11. August 24 - Rain Date
  12. September 7 - Round Up at Long Beach

League Specifics

  • 12 teams (72 bowlers) will be competing in the 2018 Coast League.
  • The cost is $3 per person (down  from $5 last year).    
  • Each club will have 1 team with either 2 triples teams or 4 triples teams.
  • The scores from all triples teams will be counted in the team score.
  • Number of wins will be divided by the number of games played to determine winning percentage score.
  • Standings each week will list teams in order of winning percentages.
  • Rosters are not required and clubs may interchange players as they see fit.
  • The win-loss ratio of the LBLBC #1 team and #2 teams will  be averaged out, for a united score for LBLBC.  So, for instance, if the #2 team  wins 80% of their games, and the #1 team wins 60% of their games, our LBLBC win  ratio will be 70%. 
  • The club with the highest % of wins will advance to Waterbury.


NO HOSPITALITY!!  This means there will be no goodies provided by  the club unless they voluntarily decide to do so.  So, be prepared to bring your own breakfast, snack, and lunch.  There will be no chips or salads provided. All that will be provided is water and coffee.  (Please figure out a way to identify YOUR  bottle of water from the others...maybe bring a rubber band or ribbon to place around it-?)

2017 / 2018 Winter League


Laguna Team Results


All Laguna Winter League teams made it  into the playoffs. Unfortunately, none was able to advance to the finals in Santa Monica on Feb  3.

The Laguna Gold team finished 2nd in South Gold 2 regular season play. They advanced to the 1st round of the playoffs in Santa Ana Sunday, Jan 21st, where they lost to last year's champion, the Santa Ana Gold #1 team.

Gold Team Members

  • Curt Bartsch
  • Patrick Chan
  • Christian de Talliac
  • Kim Heiser
  • Reinie Kramer
  • Abe Pinnella
  • Scott Roberts

The Laguna Silver #1  team (an all novice team) finished 1st in South Silver regular season play. They advanced to the 1st round of playoffs where they defeated the Redlands Silver team on Sunday, Jan 21st in Laguna by  virtue of a one end rinks playoff. (At the end of regulation play, the teams  were knotted at 20 - 20.) On Saturday, Jan 27th, in round 2 of the playoffs, Newport #1 defeated Laguna #1  by a score of 21 - 19 in a tightly contested match that came down to the last bowl! (The next weekend, Newport #1 went on to win the Silver finals over Beverly Hills by a score of 34 - 6.)

Silver #1 Team Members:

  • Martin  Edens
  • Randy Hatfield
  • Greg Mech
  • Jill Edens
  • Kole Carr

The  Laguna Silver #2 team finished in 3rd place in South Silver regulation play. They advanced to the 1st round of the playoffs where they llost to eventual champion Newport #1 Silver Team on Sunday,  Jan 21st in Newport.


Silver #2 Team Members:

  • Tom Richeson
  • Jack Laguna
  • Larry Dunn
  • Alan Burkholder
  • Ginny Watford.

Both of the Silver teams have upon  occasion needed subs to compete in their matches. 

Silver League Substitute Pool:

  • John Monahan
  • Ginger Hatfield
  • Wendy Dilda
  • Pat  Gallis.

You can learn more about the Winter League by going to the Southwest Lawn Bowls Winter League web page.

Ladies Day


2018 Schedule

  • Mar 14 -  Newport Harbor
  • Apr 18 - Casta del Sol
  • May 16 - Long Beach
  • Jun 20 - Santa Anita
  • Jul 18 - Santa Ana
  • Aug 15 - Laguna Beach 
  • Sep 19 - The Groves 
  • Oct 17 - Holmby Park
  • Nov 14 - Sun City
  • Dec 12 - Laguna Woods Holiday Luncheon    

Our own Ginger Hatfield was entertainment at last year's Ladies Day Holiday Luncheon and Bowl at Laguna Woods.

2017 Singles Bowling Ladder


The Challenge!

Ladder matches were played on Friday and Saturday each week. Updated ladder positions were posted each Monday at the club. 

The ladder winner (Top Rung on Nov 15th) must have played in 10 matches. The winner received either $50 cash or Annual Green Fees for 2018.

Thanks goe to Dil for coordinating and tracking the players' progress.

The eventual ladder winner was the 2017 Bowler of the Year, Tom Richeson.

Southwest Division

There is always a lot going on at Men's and Women's Southwest Division. Lists of current and archived tournaments and wins. You can also catch up on Scott Roberts Blogs - a real treat!

Scott's Blog

Southwest Lawn Bowls



Newest Tournament Wins

Winter League 2018 - 2019 Begins Dec 1


The Southwest Division Bowls Winter League begins Saturday, December 1, 2018. Laguna Beach will be sponsoring Gold and Silver teams. 

  • Gold teams are for those who have been on winning Winter League teams in the past or are tournament bowlers.
  • Silver teams are for those members new to tournament play or who are less experienced bowlers. 

This year we tentatively have 3 Gold Teams, 1 Silver Team and a total of 7 substitutes. 

* Note: These teams may still be altered due to scheduling issues. 

Gold 1

Scott Roberts (c)

Gary Barnes

Tom Richeson

Chris Dodd

Michael Iannotti

Heather Stewart - A

Gold 2

Lou Cohen (c)

Abe Pinnella

Fred Robles

Christian de Taillac

Bob Leach - A

Shelly Cohen - A

Gold 3

Randy Hatfield (c)

Greg Mech

Sheila Conti

Curt Bartsch

Pat Gallis

Linda Roberts - A

Bruce Wheeler - A

Silver 1

Alan Burkholder (c)

Wendy Dilda

Dil Dilda

Kole Carr

John Freestone - A

John Monahan - A

Tracy Manzi - A


Games are played on Saturdays. The matches start Dec 1 and are played weekly on Saturdays until Feb 1. Because of the tight time frame of the league, games should only be rescheduled because of rain. They cannot be rescheduled because of player unavailability. Teams would need to ensure that they have sufficient back up players able to fill in as necessary. If clubs would prefer to play the match during the week or on Sunday it is alright if both clubs can agree to a change. Playing on Saturday is not mandatory except for the playoffs.

Generally, 6-7 players are needed to support a 4-person team (illness or injury, vacations etc.). There must be at least 4 people signed up on each team’s roster. Only players on the roster can be skips or participate in singles matches.

Substitutes cannot be skips or play singles. Silver team members can also substitute for a club’s Gold team. Substitutes can be made between the morning and afternoon games. 

Match Format

The format for the games is pairs in the morning session and triples and singles in the afternoon session. Typically the 4 bowlers are the same for morning and afternoon sessions, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The bottom line is that a team must provide 4 bowlers per session.